About Us: General information

Are your shipments fully insured?
Do I get a discount for Bank Transfers?
How can I get in touch with Fergus James?
How long does it take to make a bespoke ring?
What are the main assurances customers get with Fergus James?
Who is Fergus James?

Ordering Process

Can I personalize my ring with an engraving or special request?
Can I visit your office for a consultation?
Can the process be fast tracked?
Does it cost extra to fast track the ordering process?
How long does it take to custom make my ring?
Is it a problem if I don’t know her ring size?
What happens after I make my order?
What is the ordering process?

Payment Information, Duties and Taxes

What payment methods do you accept?
Are sales taxes and duties included in the price?
Do I need to pay the full amount to secure my order?

Collection & Shipping Information

Are your parcels branded or discreet?
Do you track the shipments?
Is shipping included in the pricing?
Where can I collect the ring from?
Where does Fergus James ship to?

Returns, Refunds, Cancellations and Warranties

Can I cancel an order?
Do your products come with a lifetime warranty?
Do your rings come with complimentary services?
How do I return an item for a refund?
How does the 30 day refund work?
How long does the refund take to process?
When is the 30 day refund not valid?

Diamond Information – ethics (conflict free?)

How can I be confident the diamond I’m buying looks amazing?
How can I quickly learn about diamonds?
What is the Fergus James personal guarantee?
Where do Fergus James diamonds come from and are they conflict free?
Why does Fergus James only sell GIA certified diamonds?

Jewellery information – maintenance – resizing

Can I personalize my ring with an engraving?
Do I need to maintain my jewellery?
How should I clean my jewellery?
If you ship a ring and it’s the wrong size, can you resize?
What metals do you use?